Friday, November 2, 2012

One lucky girl!

Due to the Frankenstorm (Sandy) our kids were home from school on Tuesday and Wednesday so the Halloween party was rescheduled for today.  I was called last month and asked if I could work this party because they didn't have enough parents signed up.  I agreed, but unfortunately the "contribution" needed was an activity or craft.  As a mom of 4 you'd think I'd be better at this stuff, BUT I'M NOT!  This is where my SuperMom cape sags a bit.  My idea of craft/art time is "Here's some paint and some paper...have fun!"  So I knew my task and I set out to scour Google to find something to do with a group of 8 yr olds.  I found science experiments that can be done with Halloween candy. Sounded pretty interesting. So today was D day!  Would they love it or would they hate it?  They LOVED it and I was even asked to come back to all the parties!  My daughter thought I was amazing and kept telling me how glad she was I was able to be at her just doesn't get much better than that! 

I am truly a blessed woman!  I have the most amazing HOH who loves me unconditionally.  He is my strength and stability.  I can be...let's say passionate...ya I like that word...passionate.  He might say high strung, stubborn, opinionated...well you get it.  (Can't you see why I wanted to be a submissive wife? hehe)He allows me to just be me, but safe.  He is a great father who coaches little league and flag football for our son.  He plays in the floor and sometimes I even find him laying on the bed in one of the kids' rooms just hanging out (those are some of my favorite moments).  He works very hard every day to provide for us.  He allowed me to be a stay at home mom for 10 yrs!  He's more than I could ever have dreamed to ask for in a man, in a leader, in a lover, in a friend. 

He didn't judge me when I asked him to become HOH and enter a Dd/Dh/TTWD lifestyle.  He has been amazing.  I am constantly amazed at what an incredible man he is.  I think I see it more now that I'm not hovering all the time.  He really is capable of making his own decisions and the decisions for our family.  I don't mean that condescending, but I guess I just always thought I could do it...better?  I never really thought of it like that, but I think in hindsight that's exactly what it was.  He stayed.  Maybe that's the greatest miracle of all.  When I was pregnant at 17...he stayed.  When I wouldn't have sex with him for months at a time...he stayed.  When I made mistakes...he stayed.  He stayed...he always stayed.  And for that alone I will forever stand in admiration of My Love.

Guess this ended up being a little more sappy and sentimental than I had intended, but it's obviously where my heart is today.  Can't wait to spend the weekend with my family! 


  1. Aw, I love sappy, happy, my husband is amazing posts:) p.s. - I was assigned 'crafts' at this year's Halloween party too, but thankfully they already had them all planned out and I just had to show up and run it! I also had to bake something...and a little girl in my kid's class told him that "his mom makes the best cupcakes in the whole world!"

    1. :) I love the memories that these parties give us. And now that I have a teenager I really appreciate the times when I can be "cool" cuz they won't always feel that way about me! lol