Tuesday, November 13, 2012

My HOH?...Yes My HOH!

I am a creature of habit.  I have a schedule and I like to stick as closely to that schedule as humanly possible.  I do not deal well with change, especially last minute changes.  So when I got a text yesterday that basically changed My Love's work schedule for the next month I was less than enthusiastic.  But when I got another one today that affected a long standing tradition, I started to have a little attitude (ok so maybe I had a full on toddler-inspired temper tantrum) about it.  Lucky for me it was all via text so My Love was not privy to my little lapse in maturity.  Sometimes I love the veil that texting provides.  It allows me to read what I have written before I send it. Unlike in person when my mouth has a tendency to fly away without my brain. 

The next several weeks are going to be difficult.  My Love will be working ALOT!  I miss him when he works so much and so do our kids. 

I am SO proud of him though.  He works very hard and that's why he is so great at his job.  He is trusted because he is trustworthy.  He takes pride in his work and makes sure that it's done right.  He is a man of character and integrity and I respect him so much for it.  So while I am disappointed that he will not be around much, I understand that he wouldn't be the man I love and adore if he did anything different.  I could not possibly ask for a better husband, father, provider...HOH.

HOH...that is what he has become.  My HOH!  He makes the decisions that may not always be popular, but are ultimately in the best interest of our family.  He does not enjoy being away from us so much, but he makes the sacrifice because it is what is best.  I would have made a different decision.  One based on my emotions.  My Love amazes me!  I can't believe the man he is revealing to us.  I say revealing because I believe this is who he really is and it has been suppressed because I would not allow it to show. 

I have gained a new appreciation for his position as HOH, for the responsibility that goes along with the position.  I do not envy it at all.  Thank you My Love!  I love you more than I could ever express.  I hope that as we grow in our new relationship dynamic that somehow you will see the depth of my love and devotion to you.

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