Monday, November 26, 2012


Because Google+ is stubborn and refuses to accept my name as My Love's beautiful lady, I have change my name on my account.  Hopefully this will not be too confusing and hopefully Google will accept it.  No one may even really notice...I'm not really sure how it works.

Anyway, I thought I give a short explanation of my new name choice.  It was chosen by My Love (John Smith now lol!)  As was beautiful lady (I hate that name, but whatever!)  I do not accept compliments well but beautiful lady is what My Love calls me.  My Love suggested that I change it to just beautiful lady...Ya I don't think so!  And because he is sympathetic to my feelings, he relented and chose this instead...God I love him! 

Anyway...I'm rambling.  I have a significant amount of Native American Indian blood from both my mother's and father's side of my family.  My Love (John...he he) is German and Irish.  In other words I'm dark and he's light :D And though John Smith and Pocahontas never really met in real life the Disney version is an epic love story (we have already been separated and reunited now writing our own story).  

Thanks for your understanding while I figure out how this all works :)


  1. Yeah... G+ wouldn't accept my nickname either. But they do allow their version of a nickname after the accepted name you choose. Ex: I'm B Blazer on G+ with (MrBB) right after the name.
    So we should call you Pocahontas now instead of MLBL? It's nice! Welcome John & Pocahontas :)

    1. Ugh! It was such a pain...I have been trying ever since you invited me! It kept saying that it was suspended and they would notify me, but they never did.

      I hate to change my name now when I'm starting to make friends. Hopefully it's not too confusing. However, now my comments are showing up under Pocahontas so it's going to be a bit confusing.

  2. I try to remember to not complain about free things...but I too have had my share of frustration with google and blogger.

    Thanks for the post...will remember the new name.

  3. Hi P :)

    I am glad that you wrote I know. So maybe you can answer a question for me....what is the whole Google thing for? What does it mean to follow someone or be in their circle.....I cannot figure it out. I asked Wilma....and her response, "I thought you knew, you have been at this longer than me." hehhehe! So not helpful! Well, anyway I just follow people back...but that has yet to really mean anything to me....any help?

    Have a good day!

    1. Glad you found me again! And I was invited by someone so I'm not really sure... I know thanks a lot! But it seems like Google's version of Facebook. That's the best I've got...sorry!