Sunday, April 7, 2013


I LOVE surprises!  Not the kind of "I have a surprise for you, but you'll have to wait" kind.  Those drive me crazy!  The "SURPRISE!" kind :)  Friday night I got a surprise.  My sister called and asked to keep the kids for the night.  Not one of the kids, or even two, or three, but ALL FOUR!!!!  SURPRISE!  Yay me!!!  It was already later in the evening so John and I were not going to have a traditional date night, but who needs traditional!

We were able to spend time reconnecting in our own special ways.  It was amazing.  We started by cuddling and snuggling on the couch.  We talked about us.  We read  a few blog posts and talked some more.  John has been exceptional lately.  He has really been showing up for us and it is making a huge difference.  I feel so loved and cherished and taken care of.

Anyway...back to our evening.  I love our children and so does John, but we also love when we get time alone.  There are things that we can do that are more than difficult when there are children in the house.  We get to explore our own home and one another.  Some time later we passed out in each other's arms totally sated and spent.

The next morning we awoke still intertwined in each other.  We lay there together and talked a bit.  Suddenly, his fists were full of my hair and I was pleasuring him.  Then I was placed in position and John was spanking me  I have a need for his touch during a spanking, any spanking regardless of the reason for it.  I wrap my arm into his leg and hold onto it like a lifeline.  Most of the time John wraps his non-spanking hand around my waist which provides more comfort to me than I think he even realizes.  It was delicious.  I started to struggle for my position and after a few more swats he took a break to rub.

Have you realized yet that I own your ass?

Now what are you going to do with me?

HUH?!  What happened to my meek and mild husband???  And did I mention how incredibly HOT that was?  So I answered in the only way that is appropriate in a moment like that

Yes Daddy

Then he continued to remind me of his dominance over me, of his love for me, of his devotion to us.  After he had pushed me passed my comfort level, he held me tight and comforted me.  I felt loved.  I felt owned.  I felt cared for.  He expressed his dominance and love in another form before I was off to make us breakfast.
It was a much needed time of reconnection for us both.  SURPRISE!


  1. What a wonderful surprise P! Those kind of surprises are the best!

    Sounds like an amazing connection and I'm so glad to hear things seem to be back on track with you two.


  2. That sounds like one of the best surprises ever. :D I might be a little jealous.

  3. Aren't sisters wonderful! Everyone needs some "just us" time, sounds like yours was perfect!
    hugs abby

  4. :D :D :D :D :D 'Nuff said :-p


  5. Oh wow, what a fab surprise, glad you made the most of it!
    love Jan.xx

  6. Oh wow! :D That was indeed a very nice surprise!

  7. I love surprises, and yours was the best.

  8. This is beautiful P!!! Wonderful surprise and just sounds over all amazing! I'm happy for you guys.

  9. What a wonderful surprise and it sounds like you took full advantage of it too! Happy for you! :)

  10. Good for you two! From what my friends tell me if you can get one of these nights every once in a while you can go a long way on the memories!